The Best App for
Breast Health Advocacy

The Feel For Your Life app allows you to set self breast exam reminders, helps you track your progress and provides you with the resources to help you advocate for your breast health. It's the first of its kind created by a breast cancer patient who found a lump doing a self breast exam.  

40 percent of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who find a lump. 

 Johns Hopkins Medicine

"I didn't know how to do a self breast exam until I learned about Feel For Your Life! So glad I came across this resource! Now I keep track of them and am able to communicate what I find with my doctor!"

- Leah, 34

"Breast cancer runs in my family, and Feel For Your Life has helped educate me on my options for taking risk-reducing measures. I feel better knowing I'm making the best decision for me!"

- Holly, 28

"Feel For Your Life taught me how to do a self breast exam. I found a lump one time and  immediately called my doctor about it. It checked out ok, but I now get routine screenings. THANK YOU!"

- Christina, 31

You have control of your breast health advocacy. 

Set a goal 

You'll start by answering a few questions to help you create a vision for what you'll want to achieve. It takes less than 30 seconds! 

Learn how to do an exam 

With instructions provided by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, you'll learn about 3 different self breast exam methods that you can discuss with your doctor. 

Track your progress

As you develop a routine for doing self breast exams, you can log your progress and keep notes on what you find. You'll be able to look back at your notes to make comparisons and share your findings with your physician. 

Connect with the community 

Whether you're new do to self breast exams or want to reach out to someone who's had risk-reducing surgery, you have the opportunity to engage in a private support community. Reach out to others who can speak from their personal experiences. 

Set a reminder 

Life gets busy, and sometimes we need a quick reminder that tells us to take care of ourselves. When you set a reminder to do a self breast exam, you'll receive a notification at the same time every month telling you that it's time to do a self breast exam. 


Get access to the app that's changing the way women advocate for their breast health.